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Hardwood Flooring Miami FL

Choosing the perfect flooring is difficult for both old and new homeowners. The color of the walls and layout of the house, furniture and appliances, and budget are among the many factors that you need to consider to arrive at the best choice for the flooring that will go along with your concept and interior design. While there are an array of choices available now, hardwood has always been the standard of many. To help you decide, Hardwood Flooring Miami will guide you in selecting the perfect hardwood flooring most suitable for your home.

Hardwood floorings Miami is one of the best flooring companies in the state. With its quality service and untarnished reputation, it has garnered respect from its clients and other companies in the industry of wood flooring Miami FL. Because of its gained experience and knowledge, and its highly technical and skilled staff assures each client that their project will go on seamlessly. Their familiarity with the process of installing floors and the use of tested and proven techniques ensures the success and completion of the project at the soonest possible time. The use of modern tools and advanced equipment in their project, understanding of the market’s movement, and collaboration with trusted contractors give their clients a sense of security that their engagement with them is money well spent.

They understand that each client has their taste and unique preferences, that is why they offer a wide range of options for your choosing.

Why choose hardwood flooring?

As compared to Carpet Installation Miami and tile floorings, hardwood flooring gives a more rustic and elegant appearance to your home and will have you feel a sense of warmth in every room. It has a durable exterior that can not be easily scratched or damaged.

Other than aesthetic beauty, they are also easy to clean and require low maintenance. An ordinary broom, steam cleaner, vacuum can remove any dust or dirt lying on the floor. As compared to carpeted flooring, hardwood flooring is more stain-resistant. As it does not have fibers or grout lines, it does not trap or harbor particles like dust and pollen that cause allergies, thus improving the quality of air circulating in your house.

Architects and Interior designers usually advise the use of hardwood flooring because of its versatility. It comes in various colors, patterns, shades, and species that technically go well with any design and furniture. Hardwood Flooring Miami has all these available for you to provide you with only the best quality material befitting your taste.

In case the colors fade this Miami Epoxy Flooring can be refinished and does not need replacement. Finally, if you decide to sell your house in the future, having hardwood flooring can up the selling price.

What to consider in choosing hardwood flooring?

In selecting the most appropriate flooring, Hardwood Flooring Miami will consider your preference of the following:

  1. Solid or Engineered Flooring

    Usually, hardwood flooring comes in planks of solid wood or timber but some manufacturers produce engineered flooring planks that have a thinner top layer glued to other layers.

  2. Prefinished or Site Finished

    Prefinished planks are those that already have a topcoat layer which you can use as a basis for choosing the color palette of your house and the appliances and furniture to come with it. On the other hand, Site Finished planks have no topcoat layers and have the raw appearance that you can customize as you wish after its installation.

  3. Oil Finish or Polyurethane Finish

    The oil finish gives the wood plank a softer and more natural look but allows stains to penetrate the surface. In contracts, a polyurethane finish does not provide the same look but creates a hard top coat on the top surface that makes it more resistant to stains.

  4. Wood Type and Grain Pattern

    This of course depends on the design you have planned for your house.

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Other than giving you the best selections available for wood floorings, Hardwood Flooring Miami also provides installation services. Recognized as one of the best and most accurate companies for hardwood flooring installation FL, you are assured that your floors will be aligned and finished in perfection.

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